Are High School Relationships Worth it?

OFFICAL GRAPHRelationships are a delicate topic to talk about, especially between high school students. Are high school relationships really worth it?

    Some people say high school relationships teach you how to make sacrifices and learn to accept others’ flaws. While learning to love someone else, you can learn to love yourself.  

   Many students believe that relationships are a waste of time. People need to be focusing on other things such as where they are going to go to college, their grades, and if they play a sport, focus on their physical abilities as well as their team. Many students have no time to worry about someone else and how they are feeling/doing. Piling this on top of all kinds of homework, and workouts if they are involved in sports, can cause a greater amount of stress. If you play a sport you may workout or practice everyday after school; therefore making social time limited.  

    Also, let’s not forget some students work outside of school to make that extra money. Work schedules can be difficult and can eliminate time for homework and a social life. So if you are already dealing with at least two of these factors, I think you should be focused on them and not that girl or boy who sits 5 seats in front of you in your math class.

You have your whole life to find that special person and you only have four years of high school; which one would you rather enjoy being single in? Let’s talk about graduating. Your high school years are ending; you are going away to college but your “other half” is going to another school. Long distance relationships don’t work. In an article named “7 Surprising College Dating Statistics”, on Campus Explorer, 32% of college students are in long distance relationships, and most of them eventually end. Maybe you follow your highschool sweetheart and go to the same college. Honestly, you’re just doing it to follow them because you see a future with them and don’t want to give it up. Are you sure you want to give up that scholarship or give up that acceptance you worked so hard for? Are you going to give up your dreams that easily for what you call “love”?

Also, you have all the drama that has to go with a relationship that no one wants to deal with. The she heard this and he did that. It is a never ending process. With someone doing something wrong in the relationship it’s bound to end at some point.

“No, I don’t think they are really worth it but sometimes you might end up learning a good lesson,” said Ashlyn Dimmick

I also asked a lot of my guy friends who are in relationships their opinion on the topic. Most of them said they were probably going to end up breaking up once college comes around because they’re going to different colleges and distance in a relationship doesn’t work.

In conclusion, I believe that relationships aren’t worth it and there are many more things to worry about then someone else. You should find yourself in high school, not someone else.