A President’s Rise To Greatness


On Jan. 20, 2017, Donald Trump was officially announced as President of the United States. Many would say it was the beginning of a downfall of the nation, but to some it was the beginning of progress in the country.
President Trump’s rise to greatness began with the invitation to Canada to join in the construction of oil and petroleum pipelines from Canada to America. The construction of the Dakota Access line met resistance from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, but the pipeline would be more than 70 miles away from the reservation.
Daplpipelinefacts.com says, the pipeline would use the reservations water system as a way to cool the pipes. According to daplpipelinefacts.com, the pipeline would help revive the steel and iron industry. Thousands of jobs were created and sustained for over ten years.
Trump then signed an executive order which would bring a stronger security presence to the border and immigration enforcement on Jan. 25, 2017.
Trump’s deportation rates are the highest the United States has seen since the Obama Administration and are set to pass his numbers, says The Washington Post. Trump’s executive order would deport undocumented immigrants and fortify border security .
CNN states, “many transnational criminal organizations that bring people to the United States would use them to also smuggle in illegal paraphernalia, as well as the people that were smuggled into the United States posed a national security threat.”
Not all immigrants that enter the United States illegally are bad people, but some do enter with the intent to harm Americans through the acts of terror and criminal conduct.
Gangs such as the 18th Street Gang, MS-13, Florencia 13, Barrio Azteca and many other criminal organizations. 18th Street Gang is the largest Latino gang in the United States. Business Insider reports that the gang has over 15,000 known members in the United States spanning over 32 states.
They have been linked to crimes such as homicide, extortion, alien smuggling and drug smuggling. Stronger security at the border, specifically, is a must to prevent more gang member from enter the United States to cause more harm.
On Jan. 27, 2017, began the 90 day travel ban for most countries in the Middle East, the ban also halted refugees from Syria. Trump’s reason for the travel ban was to halt the threat of terrorism in the United States. The ban was ultimately to make the country a safer place and had nothing to do with religious beliefs. The FBI reported that crimes rates fell 2.1 percent in large city in 2017 partially due to the travel ban.
As February came the travel ban began to face issues. Some argued that the ban violated the Constitution and were worried that Trump overstepped his authority and tried to repeal it. On Feb. 5, 2017, the ban was denied for an extension and remained at the original 90 days.
Trump also works towards strengthening our military. In September of 2018 Trump passed the largest Veterans Affairs budget in history. CNN states, the budget included $1.1 billion to create a VA electronic health record system and $400 million for opioid prevention. An additional $1.75 billion was allocated to expand veterans ability to access private health care.
When coming to office, Trump promised 90,000 more soldiers, 42 more ships and 100 additional fighter aircrafts to make the defense of America stronger and to continue to be the strongest military in the world. In Trump’s first month in office he passed an executive order to provide new resources and equipment to strengthen the military as well as increasing the nation’s nuclear capability.
One of the biggest threats to America has been ISIS which started to grow around the end of the Obama Administration. ISIS has threatened most of the Middle East since the downfall of Taliban. Since taking office, Trump has focused military efforts in eliminating ISIS as a whole and making the country safer
CNN says, in 2016 ISIS controlled more than 23,000 square miles in Syria and Iraq from the Mediterranean Coast to south of Baghdad and had over 100,000 known soldiers, not including those who claimed their acts of terror in the name of ISIS. Up until 2016 ISIS had claimed responsibility for 140 terrorist attacks across 29 countries killing more than 2,000 people.
Since Trump focusing military efforts on ISIS, they have decreased to less than 30,000 soldiers and the rate of terrorist attacks claimed by ISIS had dramatically decreased, according to CNN. Without Trump, we could have had an incident similar to 9/11 because ISIS was so strong and they could have continued to grow.
For the past decade, America has struggled with a high unemployment rate and job availability. The Washington Post said, that during the Obama administration we saw one of the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression.
Since Trump has taken office the unemployment rate has done nothing but decrease and that decrease has caused an economic boom. Trump said when he visits foreign leaders they congratulated him on the incredible job he has done with the economy, according to the Washington Post.
This is part of the way Trump has made America great again. The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis found that in the third quarter of 2018 alone the each states annual income increased an average of four percent. Without Trump the economy would have continued to decrease and we could have fallen into another depression.
Whether you resent Trump or not, you can’t deny that he has brought America back to what it use to be. A military powerhouse, a booming economy, and a safe country for its citizens. He has single handedly almost eliminated ISIS entirely, made America safer by deporting the potentially dangerous illegal immigrants, and has brought us back from one of the worst depressions since The Great Depression. America has become great again and by the end of his term will be the greatest country in the world.