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Photo by Priyanka Chaudhary

Matthew rides his bike to school almost every morning

What Mehlville is All About

Some students can not wait for the clock to strike 2:05 and to go home, but for some, the final bell just means it is the start of a new segment of the day for after school activities and a chance to help the school.


Matthew Flores is a sophomore at Mehlville High School. He is involved in six different clubs around at Mehlville. Flores shows what it means to care about Mehlville and he does so by helping out in all of his clubs.


“I am in D.E.C.A., F.B.L.A., A.P.A., Culture club, K-pop club, E.C.C.” said Flores.


Other than his academic talents, Flores also has musical talent. He can play the piano by ear, meaning he can listen to any song then play it on piano and from that he can play it on the violin too.


“The keys from piano to violin are basically the same so that makes the switch really easy.” Flores said.


One of Flores’ favorite activities is bike riding. He rides his bike to and from school every day.


“As far as sports go, I enjoy bowling, swimming, and running. Running is by far one of my favorites.” Flores said.


Flores is active in everything he does whether that be his clubs or the sports that he does. He represents what it means to have Mehlville character and is a great example of what Mehlville is all about.

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