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Asia Frazier working on  school work in the hallway.

Asia Frazier working on school work in the hallway.

Asia Frazier working on school work in the hallway.

Frazier Showcases Her Best Work

To be a student anywhere is continuous work, but for sophomore Asia Frazier, she works hard to get good grades and try her best in class. Her mindset is to be a hard worker and to try in every class she has.

 She is an artist and keeps her nose in the books, planning for her life ahead. Her friends notice her scholastic efforts and friendship.

“She’s very dedicated and a great friend, when you ask her to do something she will get it done,” said Dasia Harris, sophomore.

 Asia’s favorite subject is English, since she loves learning different forms of literature. From Romeo and Juliet to Macbeth she shows her effort in reading and showing off her skill.

Her experiences in English have translated to school in general. She has enjoyed all aspects of school, but social parts have been hard.

It’s hard for me to come out of my shell and start up a conversation, and I have a harder time keeping talks going,” said Frazier.

For Asia, school has been a mix of good and bad experiences. She has loved school almost all her time being here. Asia has pushed and stepped out of her comfort zone to make sure she succeeds in every part of school. Looking to the future is important, and trying the hardest is critical.

“Never underestimate yourself. Challenging yourself with new classes and stepping out of your comfort zone can help excel into the future.” said Asia Frazier.  Challenging yourself is apart of school and for Asia trying the best is critical.

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