It's Your Story, We Just Tell It.

Mehlville Media

It's Your Story, We Just Tell It.

Mehlville Media

It's Your Story, We Just Tell It.

Mehlville Media

Editorial Policy

Mehlville Media is comprised of:, Student Prints newsmagazine and Mehlville Today broadcast, which are mostly self-funded forums with a goal to inform, entertain and represent the diverse population of Mehlville.

Student Prints publishes work online at as well as the printed year-end senior magazine.

Please contact the staff for publication or advertising information.

314-467-6240   [email protected]


Editorial Policy:

Mehlville Media represents the opinions of the staff and not necessarily those of the Mehlville School District Board of Education or administration. Letters to the editor may be submitted, but the staff reserves the right to edit any and all letters, including personal attacks. Please limit the letter to 300 words or less. Anonymous letters will not be accepted. All submitted story comments will be reviewed by an authoritative member of the staff prior to publication.

All comments submitted to will be reviewed by an editor on staff. Inappropriate remarks or personal attacks will not be published.


Mehlville Media Leadership Team

Webmaster: Hannah Kumalic

Executive Producers: Nela Suljic, Cameron Ulmer, Madison Ulrich, Emily Worthmore

Producers: Jada Banks, Emma Esmerovic, Senita Galijasevic

Art Director: Ray Lehrmann

Podcast Host: Cameron Ulmer

Podcast Team: Jada Banks, Hannah Kumalic, Madison Ulrich, Emily Worthmore

Social Media Managers:
Merisa Celebic, Emma Esmerovic, Senita Galijasevic, Aldijana Selimovic, Nela Suljic, Lejla Mujkic, Emily Worthmore