Seniors Experience an Unusual School Year


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Without a doubt, seniors right now are going through a rough patch. They are adjusting to an unusual high school experience with a global pandemic changing the majority of their final school year.

     While it does feel good to be back, the transition to the blended schedule feels awkward, unexpected and surreal. With all the new rules and restrictions enacted for everyone’s safety, seniors’ current experiences in highschool are unusual compared to what many imagined their senior year would look like these past 4 years in the making. 

     Some students don’t even feel like it is their senior year because they have missed out on many events. 

     “I’m not that excited about this year. It’s pretty sad that I have to miss out on almost everything I am supposed to do as a senior…,” said Amila Sefic, senior.

     Not a lot of seniors are going to school with their friends now because half of the senior student body is split with the blended schedule. “I wish it was better with everyone back in school but at least we are coming back to school,” said Elmar Mehmedagic, senior.

     On Mondays, everyone participates in virtual learning. For A Cohorts, students with the last names A-K attend school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For B Cohorts, students with the last names L-Z attend school on Wednesdays and Fridays. And then of course, students who are doing Mehlville at Home for this semester are also missing out on their senior year and seeing their friends. This is the main reason why many are disappointed. 

     “I feel disappointed. Even though we are in person it is nowhere near the same, there are so many of my friends that I still don’t get to see. It really sucks because this is my last year with a lot of my friends that I’ve had for years and this year was supposed to be filled with making new memories with them and now it’s virtually impossible. I am grateful that we are getting close to normalcy, but I’ve been looking forward to senior year all of high school and this is definitely not how I pictured it,” said Lauren Tremusini, senior. 

     Common events seniors have looked forward to, but missed out on, are homecoming, the powderpuff game, performances such as playing in the band and being able to march, watching and performing in school plays and pep rallies. 

     “If boys can play football, why can’t we play Powderpuff, especially if it’s flag, but I just hope students are allowed to come to basketball games later on, and if there’s anything we can move to spring, I hope we can do it,” said Josephine Sebunyenzi, senior.

     Multiple seniors look forward to postponing or rescheduling cancelled events such as homecoming, and the Powderpuff game, but it’s hard to tell what the future has in store for the class of 2021. 

     One senior suggests having a makeup event for homecoming such as a spring fling. “I hope that we maybe have a “Spring Fling” in the spring if we can to kind of replace homecoming,” said Olivia Farmer, senior. 

     Of course, if the seniors were able to have cancelled events rescheduled or made up, masks would be required, social distancing measures would be enforced, sanitizer and hand washing areas would be available, and local restrictions would be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. 

     “Canceling the events is safer, but I’m sure everyone wants to enjoy their last year somehow,” said Aida Hodzic, senior.

     Unfortunately, some seniors doubt we’ll be able to reschedule those events and have accepted the fact that not much can be done and it’s time to move on. 

     “I don’t know and I don’t care. I’ve come to the conclusion that my senior year is over and that’s just how it is. I don’t want some crappy COVID version of whatever we were gonna get, I want all or nothing,” said Quinten Cook, senior. 

     On the brighter side, the seniors have high hopes regarding events such as the basketball game hosted by Mr.Boyd’s sociology class, Special Olympics, prom and graduation will still be on for the 2021 year.