A Look at Ms. Norman and How She Keeps Motivated

Ms. Norman has been a math teacher at Mehlville Highschool for five years, and has been teaching for six. Her students know her as being a funny and laid-back teacher in her classroom, and has brought that over to virtual learning as well. She loves teaching and cares a lot about what she does. From the interview, it’s clear she has a great deal of motivation and purpose behind it. 

The first question I asked was, “What do you teach and why? When did you know that subject was what you wanted to teach?” Her response was, “I teach math because I like finding multiple ways to reach the same answer. I have always known that if I was a teacher, I would want to teach math.” Ms. Norman loves inspiring her students and has a strong passion for teaching math. 

With online learning, it’s been difficult to actually connect and interact with students. She shared that one of her favorite parts about her job is talking with and getting to know all her students. Norman makes an effort to develop good relationships with her students. Over the years, her experience is more fulfilled by knowing her students as people and having genuine interactions with them. 

When asked how she motivates her students, she responded with, “I try to motivate my students by showing them how passionate I am about math and about learning.” Norman has been finding new ways to bring energy to her class and bring ease and joy to students. She loves inspiring students, but I then wanted to know what inspires her. “My family and my students motivate me… My mom has always been my biggest inspiration. She was a single mom and I got my work ethic from watching her.” Observing a parent’s strength and perseverance is one of the most motivating and inspiring things to experience, and from this Norman knows how to encourage others by enlightening them and inspiring them with work and dedication. She shared that she strives everyday to be better at her job than the day before, and still continues to keep up a cool and fun attitude. 

Towards the end of the interview, I wanted to know her ultimate drive for what she does, and asked, “What is the main reason you have this job? Has it changed over the years?” She said it has always been the same, “…because I want to make a difference in the world.” Her purpose and passions behind what she does is what helps drive and motivate her everyday.