The Man Who’s Done it All


Photo by Photos courtesy of Jill Wojewuczki

Students on the Go half marathon. Dr. Siebel (middle) pictured with Matt Phoenix (left) and Jill Wojewuczki (right).

Veternan? Check. Vegetarian? Check. Bilingual? Check. Ran the Boston Marathon, twice? Check. 

     Currently enjoying his experiences in his 70s, Dr. Siebel is a man of great adventure and lives his life to its fullest.

     Siebel has done it all. 

     “Each age has its ups and downs,” Siebel says.

     In his earlier years, Siebel served in the Army during the Vietnam War. 

     At the age of 18, Siebel was presented with the opportunity to sign a professional baseball contract. His mother gave him the advice of turning down the contract and instead, taking the full scholarship to go to a university. Siebel says that this was the best advice he has ever received. 

     Since then, not only has Siebel become a teacher at Mehlville, he has also learned two languages and has run the Boston Marathon twice. 

     Siebel offers some advice on living a full life.

     “Stay positive and be thankful every day,” Siebel says.

     Siebel is very active and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. On his days off, he takes long walks, rides his bike, and walks his son’s dogs.

     Siebel is currently reading “Eat to Live” which discusses the importance of eating correctly. He finds this book very helpful and vegetarian friendly. 

     “Find your passion and cultivate it because your work or job is fun and not work,” Siebel says.