Your Spring Break Guide to Saying Safe and Having Fun


Photo by University of Miami

Ready, set, spring break!

With spring break just around the corner, it has nearly been a year since COVID-19 was trending on breaking news. This year, spring break is going to look a little different. Remember, there is always a way to stay safe!

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when you are enjoying spring break, safely.

  • Wash, Sanitize, Repeat

It is so important, now more than ever, to frequently wash your hands or use hand sanitizer if it is more convenient. Be sure to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and lather the soap really well. A good way to time yourself for 20 seconds would be to sing “Happy Birthday,” twice, from start to end.

  • Temperature Check

Be sure to take your temperature and if it is over 100, please stay at home. Temperatures over 100 are said to be indicants of a fever.

  • Rain Check

If you happen to get a fever over 100, call a rain check and reschedule plans. This way, you are preventing the spread of germs to other people and keeping everyone safe.

  • Keep Extra Masks on Deck

A good way of keeping everyone safe would be carrying extra masks on your person in case someone forgets, or you just need a new one.

  • Follow Through With Safety Precautions

Safety protocols are in place so that the spread of the virus can be slowed down and following through with them ensures that safety protocols work. They might be a little annoying at first but benefit everyone in the long run.

  • Refrain from Using Cash

Using a credit card whenever possible or a form of contact less payment doesn’t require you to spread unnecessary germs to a cashier that comes from dollar bills.

If you need some things to do this spring break, here are a few recommendations:

Skip the trip, travel virtually. Instead of exposing yourself to the dangers of traveling, take a virtual tour of where you wanted to visit instead.

  • Plan a Family Picnic 

If you want to do something with the family, go out to a park for a picnic!  All you will need is a blanket, a basket, and your choice of food for some family time outdoors. Sit back, relax, and eat!

If you have a lot of free time, and are willing to devote that time to something, devote it to a new pet! You won’t feel as lonely, and will feel lower stress levels. And, if you get a dog, it’s a good way to stay active!

  • Start a Garden

Springtime is perfect to spend outdoors and start a garden! A garden will also need time devoted to it, to make sure that your plants grow to their fullest and stay alive!

  • Try a New Food 

You could order curbside pickup from a new restaurant or small business and if you like it, leave a review! Or you can get ahead of the game and try out a new recipe from items that will soon grow in your garden!

  • Paint

De-stress with a canvas, palette, paintbrushes, and some paint to paint your heart out! You can follow a tutorial or, if you need some ideas, paint some flowers, a sunset, or mountains. Remember, just have fun!

Challenge yourself a little this spring break and solve a puzzle! If you don’t have a puzzle at home, try a virtual one! You can even time yourself on how fast you can solve a puzzle and try to beat your best time for some 1v1.

Want to watch a movie but don’t know what to watch? Take a movie quiz! With the quiz, you can expect to answer easy questions about your preferences and at the end, you’ll get a recommendation on what movie you should check out!

No matter what you do, remember to wear a mask, social distance, and take extra precautions when possible.