Meet the Most Popular Club at Mehlville High School


Photo by Principal Jason Landherr

student council members welcome students back to school on the first day.

Mehlville High School’s Student Council has been a popular club throughout the years. With new sponsors, and a full school year since covid, exciting things are expected by the council. Mr. Wright is the new sponsor for the council due to the Perricas’ retirement. “I applied and interviewed and apparently blew the doors off because I was chosen.” Head Sponsor Mr. Wright said, “I love that suco represents everyone and tries to make the school better and more interesting.” 

Student council is a club that involves decorating for special events, running events like homecoming and pep rallies, and participating in statewide council events like gateway and Missouri Association of Student Council or MASC STUCO camp. This club not only includes bettering our school, but it also participates in fun events with people all over the state. This club has attracted exactly 97 students making it the biggest club at Mehlville High School. Many students tend to enjoy the club.

“After being in the club for four years, I have come to enjoy the community I surrounded myself with. I love helping the school community,” Adriola Islami says. “I believe it would be beneficial for underclassmen to join this club, because you meet lots of new people and become very involved with the school’s community.” 

 Joining the club will help you make many new friends and become well aware of the school. The club gives you ideas for future events and bettering the school. Not only is it beneficial for the underclassman to meet new people, but they become familiar with the school’s community as well.

“I like decorating the school because it’s fun to hang with the rest of the council people,” MHS Juniors Michael Jones and Evan McClusky both stated. “It’s beneficial for underclassmen to join the club because they will get familiar with the school, meet new people, and you contribute to making the school a better place!”