Mehlville High School’s Football Season: The Highs and Lows


Photo by Dr. Jessica Schmelzle

Varsity Football team runs out at the start of a football game.

Picture it; the first home football game since Covid is getting the whole school eager. Everyone is going, and the theme is tacky tourist. Sadly, all you’re watching is constant injuries, bad sportsmanship, awful execution of plays and ending in a tough loss against a rival school…

Thankfully, the school year is gaining some normalcy, so the excitement surrounding the football season is high. Something everyone has been wondering is how the football season is looking, and so far it’s not looking too good. The student body may be wondering what the coaches are doing to improve our football team. I asked Head Varsity Heinneman his thoughts on the team thus far.

“We are definitely struggling this season, but we’re also working hard and feel that good things will happen,” said Head Varsity Coach Heinneman. “We have a good defense staff along with offense. They keep everyone motivated.”

Stakes are high this season, but the determination and hard work is in the air, keeping everyone positive and excited about the games.

“I feel that we definitely have things to improve on. I’m not worried because I know us, and we’re ready for anything,” Football Receiver and Running Back Enrique’ Dubose stated.

“The season can go many ways and it’s all up to us.” Receiver and Running Back Darren Green said. 

It’s clear to see that football is something important to them and the team, and will work their hardest to make this season successful. 

Much improvement was brought forth considering that since then, the school’s football team has won two games. One win against McCluer North with a score of  47-28 and another against Parkway South with a sore of 35-14. Hope of winning even more games this year are still high. 

“We became a lot more focused, we saw how it felt to lose and we didn’t like it. We worked together so we wouldn’t have to feel that anymore,” Wide Receiver Blake Wentzel had to say. “I think we’re for sure going to win more games at the end of the season, we need to fight for each one of our wins.”

Going into their game tonight against rivals Oakville High School, they are now classified as a 3-4 team. Their Oakville vs. Mehlville game gave us a 21-0 win, the best win of the season… This further shows the teams’ determination to make this season as successful as possible and let the panther pride linger in the air throughout this fall!