KOnnect Offers Leadership and Teambuilding Opportunities for Teens


Photo by Amy Bush

Freshmen compete in games during TAP.

KOnnect is an organization at Mehlville that helps out the incoming freshman and a way to connect the students with

Mehlville. KOnnect hosts and participates in the freshmen kickoff, which is held every year. Upperclassmen take on the opportunity to guide students through the high school experience and be a role model.

Sponsor Amy Bush, a world history teacher, said, “It’s been going on for a long time; it used to be called Panther Kickoff Mentor, PKOM, when I was a freshman in 2007.”

Two of the expectations for applying to KOnnect, are 2 staff recommendations, and an application in early May. There are two leadership positions of being either a KOnnector, or a mentor.

A KOnnector has more of a responsibility of guiding the freshmen on where to go during the kickoff, and making them feel more comfortable with the school.

Mentors meet two to three, or more times a month with their tap class to help the teacher give lessons, and any other assistance if students might need it.

Senior, Amra Grebic’s favorite memory of KOnnect was “setting up and participating in the kickoff.” 

Students are encouraged to be role models, but also make the freshmen feel expected and welcomed to our school.

 “We are bridging the gap between freshmen and upperclassmen, by taking lead and ownership,” said Bush.