Emily Worthmore: Rock Star in the Making


Photo by Emily Worthmore

Emily Worthmore playing the guitar with her band at a venue in Saint Louis

This student requires no introduction. 

Emily Worthmore is a well known student. With her participation in clubs and her Irish dancing, she makes for a star in the spotlight. In addition to her Irish Dancing, she is also in a band.

She Irish dances during the day and shreds the guitar at night. Something that takes up so much of her time deserves more recognition.

“I’ve been going to the School of Rock outside of school, which is a performance based school, since 2014. School of Rock gives us songs to learn and play out at venues around the St. Louis area,” Worthmore said. “It’s given me many amazing opportunities, and I am grateful to be a part of the program.”

Emily has guitar practice 12 hours a week, giving her lots of practice for these live gigs.  

“My primary instrument is the guitar. I was nine years old when I started playing the guitar, and along the way I’ve also been able to pick up bass, keys, vocals and minimal drumming skills,” Worthmore said. “When I grow up I want to be the President in 2040 and play in a rock band on the side.”

The Duck Room on Blueberry Hill, once inhabited by St. Louis’ own Chuck Berry, has become a staple venue for Worthmore’s band. This goes to show her band’s success and shows that she just may be one step closer to making her big dreams come true.