Meet the New Sociology Teacher

Many students are always seeking ideas for what new, fun classes to take during their high school years. Sociology is an enjoyable and engaging class with a new teacher teaching it this year, Abigail Makowsky.

This is Makowsky’s first year teaching sociology; she also teaches U.S. government.

“Sociology is one of my favorite classes to teach, there is a lot of freedom and flexibility in the lessons being taught, it is fun being able to learn the social interaction between students,” said Makowsky. 

Makowsky minored in psychology, and she has always been interested in elective social studies classes. Sociology has even made an impact on her life.

“Sociology has impacted my role as a parent, and also as a teacher, learning the backgrounds of student interactions,” said Makowsky.

Sociology is a great class to take as an elective. 

“It is a super fun class, one semester long, good for seniors that want to go to college, and have those four years of social studies classes. It is also good for all to understand the science behind social interactions,” said Makowsky.

Outside of being a sociology teacher, Makowsky has many interests. Cheerleading has always been a passion for her; she coaches JV cheer here at Mehlville. She also likes to run, and is currently training for the 15k mile run. She reads murder mystery books when she has the time.