Retro Bowl vs Madden Mobile: Which Game is Superior?

Photo by MobileSyrup

Around Mehlville, many football-based mobile games have gained popularity, the biggest being Madden Mobile 2022 and Retro Bowl. Out of the two, which one is better?

Madden 22 gives a very realistic football experience, with the player being able to individually pick plays and audibles, making each play require strategic planning. Retro Bowl on the other hand only gives  limited control of each play, being able to choose to make a running play or a passing play.

Another feature that sets Madden apart is its player system. It uses real players in the NFL leagues to build teams and allows you to set them to custom positions and play styles. 

A large drawback of Madden 22’s complexity is how long and drawn out it is. Retro Bowl games can last just a few minutes, while Madden’s games can take up most of an hour. Players tend to lose interest quickly when being presented with the many options and menus. The constant bombardment slows each game tremendously and makes each play a struggle. Retro Bowl has a very simplistic menu and play-building process. The menus only give players a few options to choose from; upgrade, draft players, hire coaches and start the game. 

Another fatal problem with Madden 22 is how it limits the player from playing the game. Players have to pay money or gamble for them in card packs to unlock certain players and teams. It also limits the number of games one can play, letting players only play about six a day (Unless of course, they are willing to pay money). 

Though Retro Bowl is very simple, it allows a quick and free experience compared to the money spending requirements asked of Madden. Its simple systems and inexpensive nature make Retro Bowl the better game.