How Panthers Can Donate to Help Ukraine


Ukrainian Flag Illustration by Mya Williams

The Russian-Ukrainian war has been going on for a while now. Many Ukrainians are escaping into other countries or deciding to stay because they have to or want to stand for their country.

People who want to donate across the world have been, and this has brought essentials to Ukrainians and others in Ukraine who need the support. The issue that has been caused by so many donations, is that many can’t tell if some are scams. There have been multiple occasions of misinformation and scams spreading about the conflict, and so people that donate and who want to spread information must fact-check what they are reading and donating to. Check multiple sites that are credible and look up to make sure a donation is legit or not. 

Here is a list of some of the donations people can donate to, many of which are fact-checked. 

  • Save the Children – This organization provides food, clothes, water, hygiene kits, and other things to children and families in Ukraine. This organization also helps children across the globe in crisis.
  • Sunflower of Peace– A fundraiser started on Facebook that helps put together first aid kits for doctors and paramedics in front lines. The first aid kits are usually backpacks filled with supplies to help the wounded. 
  • Black is Poland An activist group and charity that counters racism in Poland and is helping Black refugees coming into Poland from Ukraine. The spreadsheet for donations is in Polish, but if the donator scrolls down to the English version, they can get more information about the donations. They help with transport as well as immediate humanitarian relief for Black and Brown people fleeing the war zones in Ukraine. 
  • The International Committee of the Red Cross– This is a Switzerland based organization which connects with the Ukrainian Red Cross to help bring water, improve the lives of civilizations whose homes were damaged, and help keep Ukrainians safe during the war. 
  • GlobalGiving– GlobalGiving helps both citizens within Ukraine and refugees going into other countries. Donations will contribute to shelter, food, water, education, psychosocial support and more. 
  • Insight Ukraine– An LGBTQIA+ organization located in Ukraine which is providing support to LGBTQIA+ Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainians still in Ukraine with basic needs such as shelter, food, medicine, and clothes.
  • Razom For Ukraine- A non-profit that was started in Ukraine in 2014 and helps Ukrainians succeed at protecting their civil rights. The donator can either donate to help people in Ukraine or there is a list of things someone who wants to help can look at. Donations help support projects such as an emergency response that gives medical supplies for the people in need. 
  • Jewish Federation of St.Louis– A charity that supports the Jewish community in Ukraine and countries around it to keep the community safe and help with needs. This charity is also located locally in Saint Louis.  
  • Convoy of Hope– Convoy of Hope provides emergency relief in war zones such as medical supplies, shelter, food, water, and other necessities. 
  • The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)– UNHCR helps refugees fleeing Ukraine by providing emergency supplies, protection, and shelter.
  • World Food Program– The World Food Program provides food assistance to people fleeing Ukraine, requested by the Ukrainian government. The food assistance will support the refugees in bordering countries like Poland and Romania. 
  •   International Rescue Committee (IRC)– The IRC helps refugees with supplies and places to resettle.  Right now they are on the ground in Poland supporting refugees from places like Ukraine, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria. 

If a Panther wants to do more, they can raise money also, such as fundraisers, and other displays of support. Many people have started to display flags of Ukraine in their classrooms and homes.

There are also “Saint Louis for Ukraine” yard signs available for $18, and the money goes to the International Rescue Committee’s Ukrainian response fund. Over the past few weekends, religious institutions such as churches have also been doing drives and so have some other places around the city.