Is To The Bone worth watching?


Photo by Netflix

Lily Collins stars in To the Bone.

To the Bone is a drama, made in 2017, about a 20-year-old woman, played by Lily Collins, struggling with anorexia.

The movie is about a young woman, Ellen, who is admitted to a treatment center for people recovering from eating disorders. This movie shows the struggles of going through an eating disorder, mainly focusing on anorexia. 

To The Bone is full of emotional scenes. Some scenes could trigger those struggling or recovering from an eating disorder. If someone has body image issues then I definitely would not recommend this movie to them.

I recommend this movie to anyone who has a friend or family member struggling with one, or anyone who just needs more information and understanding of what people go through while trying to recover from an eating disorder. states that “9% of the U.S. population, or 28.8 million Americans, will have an eating disorder in their lifetime. Eating disorders affect at least 9% of the population worldwide. 10,200 deaths each year are the direct result of an eating disorder—that’s one death every 52 minutes.” 

To the Bone is based on the real experiences of Marti Noxon, who created the Bravo series Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce and helped launch the Lifetime drama UnReal. In some parts of the movie, it shows Ellen glamorizing eating disorders. That could be difficult to watch if you are insecure about your body image. 

According to The Guardian, Collins had to lose weight to “look the part” of a person struggling with anorexia. Collins has had her own struggles and experiences with eating disorders. Having a person lose weight that has previously struggled with eating disorders, is a controversial decision. That got the attention of many viewers because many people believe that is a very problematic thing to do. 

In conclusion, I would rate To the Bone a 3/5 for bringing awareness to eating disorders but since it also glamorizes eating disorders, I don’t suggest watching it.

To the Bone is available to watch on Netflix. This movie was produced by Ambi Group, Sparkhouse Media, Foxtail Entertainment, Mockingbird Pictures along with To the Bone Productions. It is 107 minutes long and was released on July 14.