A Different Learning Experience

Look Into Katelyn Burch’s MyPath Journey


Photo by Madison Ulrich

Burch builds compost tumbler as main project for My Path.

Mehlville High school provides many different learning possibilities to meet each student’s individual needs. MyPath is an example of one of Mehlville’s personalized learning plans. In MyPath students get to make their own curriculum. The students get to choose the subject area they are most interested in.

Mehlville High School MyPath coordinator Jennifer Sikich shared more about MyPath. “I think it’s for kids that aren’t sure what they want to do or want to explore a topic more,” Sikich said. Mehlville helps students by offering these diverse learning paths which provide great experiences and ways to help them decide/explore their future careers.

Katelyn Burch (senior) started a MyPath for engineering. Burch first heard about MyPath over the summer of junior year. She then decided to add her MyPath to her schedule for senior year. Originally, she wanted to start a MyPath about piloting but in the end, Burch chose to look more into engineering.

When asked why she chose engineering Burch said “I wanted to explore different types of engineering and add my passion for the environment into that”. In the first semester, Burch has been able to make one compost tumbler. By the end of the school year, Burch’s goal is to make five tumblers. The compost tumblers made by Burch will be used at Mehlville in the community garden. MyPath is providing the perfect blueprint for Burch’s future career. It is also helping her understand what it’s like to be an engineer in the future.