Let The Feet Do The Talking


Photo by Emela Brkic

When entering high school, sophomore Almir Ramic was set on joining the school’s soccer team. Being involved in soccer outside of school, Ramic has played multiple years before playing for the Mehlville Soccer Team. Ramic is also a referee for the Scott Gallagher Soccer Team.


Hard work and dedication is the key to Ramic’s success. Attending every practice and putting forth hours to perfect his skills and techniques. Aside from soccer, Ramic is a student that shares his ideas and creativity with his classmates whenever the opportunity arises. Ramic is currently in Yearbook, and as team leader, he makes sure that his teammates are on track in order to meet any deadlines that are set, and to overcome any conflict that may arise. His talent to problem solve is shown both on the field and in the classroom.


Almost every athlete has someone who inspired them to do the sport they are in. Ramic was asked who inspired him to start playing soccer,


“My uncle inspired me to start playing soccer. He is definitely the best player in my family”.


Overcoming challenges is a part of the process of growing as an athlete. Ramic has had several challenges that he had to overcome. Ramic adds,


“The biggest challenge that I had to face is my collarbone injury, I was out for an entire season. It taught me to be more careful of my surroundings. While being careful of my surroundings, that means that my high school soccer career will take me to college soccer, to at least play soccer at a higher level”.


Ramic has set exceptional standards in order to reach the goals that he has set for himself. While focusing both on academics and on soccer, Ramic plans to attend a college where he will pursue a degree in law, while continuing to express his love for the sport of soccer.