MHS Screen Time

MHS Screen Time

Photo by Scott Gaspa

Mehlville students’ daily average screen time, according to the statistics of the screen time survey, is 3-6 hours daily.

According to, an average teenager spends around 7 hours and 22 minutes per day online, whereas the recommended screen time is set at no more than two hours max. Even kids under the age of 13 use their phones/other devices too much at 5+ hours a day.

According to KidsHealth the effect that high screen time has on teenagers is that when they spend so much time online they tend not to get enough exercise, do good on their homework, and get good grades, they don’t spend quality time with family and friends. All of this is because screens are addicting.

“They don’t have a lot of focus in school,” says Kaylee Burnett, a sophomore.

“It decreases their social life,” says Sammie Roberts, a freshman. “They’re getting false information and spreading it even though it’s not true.” 

The most common reason for people to be on their phones is that it’s simply addictive. “It’s a dopamine addiction,” says Aidan Furgeson, a Freshman. “People would be better off spending time outside, or anything that busy’s you,   and once you do it for a while, you’ll get used to it. They have a lack of sleep and a lack of social life.” finished Furgeson.

“I just get bored and resort to my phone,” says Brianna Johnson, junior, “It makes me feel better about having the stuff to do,” said Johnson.  

“They are bored and need activities to do. They should do sports or get a hobby because doing nothing makes you a boring person (no offense)” says Claire Curtis, a freshman “ They need something to occupy their time.”

“It all definitely has a negative effect on them,” says Noah Ryan, a sophomore. “When spending all the time on their phones, it can affect their family time, and relationships.” finished Ryan.

All this time is spent online, whether it be video games, social media, texting, or even reading. Always remember to take a break and go outside and enjoy the fresh air, or visit some friends or family in person. Take in as much of the moments around you as you can.


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