Homecoming Candidate: Gabriel J. Gowen

Natalie Dresner

Gabe GowenAge: 17

Extracurricular activities:

Church Production and Ministry


Playing PIano, Clue Hunts, Upright Bass, tinkering and learning about  everything

Favorite Mehlville tradition/event:


Three people Gabe is glad he met in highschool:

Zach Shelton, Nikole Kamp, Delaney Riddering

Favorite teacher

Mr. Tony brown.  In Gabe’s opinion, his efforts and dedication to the band program puts character, passion, and diligence into a group of students.

What are five interesting/quirky facts about yourself:

He lives on a farm in the middle of a South County suburb

He prays for people with the group cornerstone. They pray from the front benches after ‘A’ days

Gabe’s passion is to minister in the Middle East

He can ride his bike with no handle bars

Secretly, Gabe is a robot

Gabe would like to thank all of his friends who brought him here today