Protecting Our School

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Zack Martin, Reporter

With around 355 shootings involving four or more victims happening this year alone, the question of security and safety of civilian lives is raised. Mehlville is trying to answer this question and keep the lives of students and faculty safe.

To answer this question, the administration set many plans in place to protect students and staff from harm.

“All exterior and classroom doors are locked. Walkie Talkies are distributed to administration and to several teachers on each floor,” said Student Resource Officer, John Spicer.

The administration and Officer Spicer also put together the 4E’s plan to educate students and family members on what to do if there is active shooting.

“About a month ago Officer Spicer had a meeting with any parents who wanted to come in the auditorium about the 4E training,” said principal, Greg Ruzicka.

The 4E’s stand for Educate, Evade, Escape, and Engage. The training was to let students and teachers know their options when a shooting is taking place. Students were advised to escape or evade, but if they felt it was necessary, attack the shooter.

Ideas are always looked at to try and improve the security and safety at the school.

“We’re actually looking at putting signs on all the windows facing outward that tell the room number,” said Ruzicka. “If we say there is intruder in room 2-whatever, the officers can see from outside exactly where that is.”

One of the main ways security is monitored is through the cameras in the school

“Cameras are a good deterrent and more can be added as funding becomes available,” said Spicer.

The buzz-in system for the front and back doors also utilize cameras to help the secretaries at the front desk know who is entering the building.

School security is something that is always looked at, especially here. Implications that are well needed are constantly added when the time is right.

“You don’t to make a school a fortress,” said Ruzicka, “but, at the same time, we try to make it as safe as possible.”