Global Warming: A Warning to You

Jake Berra, Design Editor


What is global warming? Global warming is an worldwide event that occurs when carbon dioxide (CO2), is released into the air, which absorbs and reflects solar radiation, and sunlight, both reflected off of the Earth, trapping it into the atmosphere.

You may ask “why does this matter?” The reason why global warming is an issue, is because it’s causing dynamic changes for the U.S., and the rest of the world. Global warming is causing polar ice caps to melt, increasing world wide flooding, droughts, reducing crops grown for food supply, and heat waves, increasing wild fires, and making people sick.

Is the Earth actually getting hotter? The answer is yes, the past 50 years have been recorded as the hottest the Earth has ever been, faster than any rate in the world’s history.

Why should someone care? We should care, because, global warming is not just affecting others, it’s affecting you. With rising temperatures, you’re at a higher risk of dehydration, sunburn, a lack of food, floods destroying your homes, and risk for fires. Global warming is an actual threat, there are still people who deny global warming, and excuse it only as something non-important. When introduced to a problem, such as denial from a representative for global warming, we need to take action, people and animals are at risk in this world, through foolish mistakes we have made, such as misusing fossil fuels, tools, and other products.

The U.S. is the second leading producer of CO2, right under China, and we’re not doing enough to reduce the factor, you can take action by, reducing the production of cement, supporting anti- deforestization, cutting back on wasting fossil fuels like gas for our cars, or something small as using less hair product, reducing the amount of harmful chemicals to the atmosphere.

It’s time to take action, we need to stand together against the threat, and work harder to save our world.


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