Everybody is on the go with Pokemon Go!

Sabina Schaaf

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Everybody is on the go with Pokemon Go!



Pokémon Go is a reality based game created by Niantic for Iphone and Android users. The reality based app officially came out July 6 of 2016. According to CNBC the creators of Pokémon Go made between $3.9 million to $4.9 million on the first day the game was released! Pokemon Go allows players to capture and train Pokémons that appear throughout the real world. When the app is opened it shows the environment around your Avatar. You can customize your avatar, from selecting their outfit to choosing your avatar’s hair and eye color.

“My favorite thing about Pokemon Go is that they made a game that lets teenagers and adults play a game from their childhood but in a completely different way. The app is different from most games on smartphones because it allows you to get moving and it is more interactive than the other popular games like candy crunch, fruit ninja, and etc.” said Mirza Smailhodzic, junior.

Many people think that Pokemon Go is a game for little kids. Why? Because as kids we use it watch pokemon and collect the cards. But, statistics show that people over the age of eighteen play the most!

I do not think that Pokemon Go is a game created for children because it requires you to walk and drive to different locations which younger kids can not do” said Mirza Smailhodzic, junior.

Pokémon has spent 20 years telling players to “catch ‘em all”… now they gave you a way.


According to Imore.com here are some tips on how to master Pokemon Go!

  • Visit parks with multiple PokéStops
  • Hunt in pairs
  • Hunt a night
  • Parking lots are the fastest way to catch pokemons
  • For random Pokémon spawns, look for moving leaves

Mehlville Media went Tap to tap asking students if they play pokemon go. Check out the results are below!