Why You Should Vote



Emma Logan , Social Media Editor

Many people choose not to vote, but complain for the next four years about who Americans decided for their president. In my opinion, I feel like if you do not vote, you do not have a right to complain.

Voting is a very good way to voice your opinion and affect change in the community. No matter what anyone tells you, EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Choosing to vote is also a way of honoring our history. In the past, not everyone was able to vote, in fact women were not allowed to until 1920.

Many people argue that just one vote won’t make a difference. But what happens when ¼ of the population has this mind set? That turns into 80,354,705 people not voting because “their vote won’t make a difference.” With this many people not voting, it could change the results of the election tremendously.

As I said before, if you do not voice your opinion by voting, you do not have a right to complain. Even if you go to the poll the day of voting, and put that you think nobody is the right candidate, that is still saying something.

Also, if one of the candidates do get chosen, and you at least voted, you will have a right to complain. Or same if it is the other way around. Say you vote for one candidate and the other one gets chosen for president, you will then have a right to complain since you voiced your opinion.

Aside from just choosing the presidential candidate, there are many other things on the ballot that you vote for that day. Some of the other ballot measures that you will see on the ballot in 2016 include amendments one through four, amendment six and proposition A.

Some of these could change the way you live your daily life. Such as if you smoke cigarettes and/or other tobacco products, if proposition A gets passed, it will increase the price of those products by 2021. This could change your lifestyle if you are not willing to pay the extra money for the products.

You should not only vote, but you should know who your voting for, for instance most people would probably not vote for someone who wants to raise their taxes. If a candidate raised taxes once they are elected you would make less money.

Needless to say, voting is a very important role that we are given as Americans and remember, every vote counts!