Mehlville Host’s the Student Council State-Wide Convention


Anthony Garcia, Editor in Chief

    Mehlville Student Council hosted the largest statewide convention in MASC history over the span of March 9,10,11. The (MASC) Missouri Association of Student Council celebrated its 69th year of the event that featured 1500 students and advisors from every corner of the state. Six student council members were admitted per school to be a part of the convention.

    The decorative theme was Dinosaurs and the objective was to find Leadership that is in our Bones. Decorations were made months before the event and were stored below Mehlville in the “Dungeon” or the storage room beside the band room.

    Mehlville Student Council hung vines from the ceiling and based the decorations off of three themes, basement was act as caves, with the cafeteria nicknamed the Dino Diner. The main floor maintained a prehistoric jungle that included green cellophane ceilings, vines hanging from every angle and dinosaur wallpaper. The featured decoration of the event was the massive volcano that hung from the ceiling in the commons and absorbed the entire area. The second floor featured the dinos soaring through the sky and raptors at each turn.

    Sophomore Amina Hasanagic explained her favorite decoration. “I loved the dinosaur head in the auditorium hallway, it looked like a you were entering the mouth of a T-rex”.

    A production company was hired to do sound and lighting as well as to set the stage.Two massive screens filled Gym A and a large soundsystem shook the convention all weekend long.

    Day one of the convention included introduction of the theme and students purpose as leaders. Later that night performances were made by our own Cheerleaders, Pantherettes, and Mantherettes.

    “Mantherettes was one of the greatest experiences of my life, It was awesome to hang around the senior guys,” Junior Alex Gratza.

    Day two included leadership workshops, three keynote motivational speakers and a pep rally. Senior student council officers Sam Meyer, Dominic Meyer, and Lizzie Koeller led the pep rally which included a games of family feud, dinosaur dance offs, scavenger hunt races and student council chants.

    “It was a great environment and a the cheers were the loudest they have ever been,” said  Koeller.  

    The night concluded with a trip to downtown St. Louis. Over 40 buses hauled all the students downtown for four hours of fun at the City Museum.

    Day three concluded the event with a closing ceremony and awards ceremony. Featuring performances from (SOMO)  Special Olympics Missouri cheerleading performance.

    Food was catered throughout the weekend by various local pizza companies, Pasgetti’s, Chick-Fli-A, and the Potbelly Sandwich Company. All students received a leadership notebook to write things they learned on their leadership journey. The advisors of the event were Teachers, Jane Perrica, Erine Perrica and Deanna Drew.

    Jane Perrica was the lead advisor, “I was very proud of my students for organizing and staying calm when we had problems to fix.

    The huge undertaking of the convention, was accomplished by an impressive Mehlville Student Council that numbered at 135 students for the 2016-2017 year.