The Fault In Our Parking Lot

Something many students look forward to during their latter two years of high school is being able to drive themselves to school. However, with the parking spots provided by the school, there is a tendency of students making reckless decisions just to leave school.

    When the bell rings, students rush out the door. They meet up with their friends and walk casually but quickly to their cars. Students want to go home to sleep, play video games, get to work, and so much more. In order to get from point A to point B, though, students have to drive through after-school traffic. Traffic does not start on the road, but as soon as they turn on their cars. Mehlville should be working to create a safer lot for drivers.

    There are two parking lots on school property; the front lot and the junior lot. There are also some additional spots in the back for athletes. Some students try to avoid parking at the school, though, because of how students drive – particularly on the junior lot.

    First, students have to pull out of their spots in order to get on the road. They either face stubborn drivers who will not let them pull out, or drivers who pull out of their spot when there is absolutely no room. Once out of their spot, students are put into the mess of waiting in line to get onto Lemay Ferry. It seems that many students do not understand what it is to “zipper” while driving. When someone “zippers” on the road, it means they take turns alternating who goes next. By not following this rule of courtesy, exiting results in a cluster of students cutting other drivers off. Not to mention, some drivers will try to drive around other drivers to get to the back lot or just out of the school’s property, which could result in an accident.

    There are roughly 200 parking spots for students, according to Debra Woods, who is in charge of managing the parking. That is 200 vehicles trying to move at once through an unorganized lot. It is inevitable that there will be some frustration and difficulties while leaving. However, if the junior lot – about 95 spots – was repaved and extended, there would be more room for students to maneuver and drive.

    On top of extending the lot, Mehlville should organize either a written driver’s test, a practical driver’s test, or even both if students want to park on Mehlville’s property.

    Even though there aren’t too many accidents that occur on the junior lot, it should still be modified to relieve the stress that results from trying to maneuver through the lots.  There is still the risk of an accident every day. If our school made the efforts to help further prevent them by repaving and extending the lot, there would be less tension and frustration among drivers so that we can all stay safe.