C Days Should “C” Their Way Out


Photo Courtesy of Kaitlyn Campbell

    For those who have decided not to show up this year, haven’t been able to, or just don’t remember, a “C” day is the one day out of every week where students must attend all seven of their classes (excluding TAP). These C days take place every Monday, already creating chaos and complications for students and most teachers.

    Having all of our classes on a Monday would mean that all of our homework must be completed over the weekend. That’s two days, alone, to complete four to seven classes worth of homework and, somehow, still have time to relax. Rather than having a C day ever again, we should definitely go back to having the ‘1234, 5678’ schedule from last year.

    If we were to go back to having our normal schedule, it would relieve a lot of stress within the students and teachers. As the years have gone by, the workloads have increased, and it’s become much harder to stay on top of it all. If we were to go back to the old schedule, it would space out the workload, especially for the students. It would also give us more TAP time, which is incredibly needed.

    “Block scheduling is something we’ve had for 20 years,” said Jason Landherr, assistant principal.

    “To revert back would be fairly simple. I mean, it’s what we know, and it’s what we’re used to.”

    Currently, the plan is to have C days in place for, at least, the next two years. Leaving the 2016-2017 school year as the final school year without a single C day. According to Landherr, this system has been put in place in order to determine what works best for the students, when it comes to homework. But the question still hasn’t been asked to the students directly: what is best for us?