Mehville Students Show Off Their Artwork


For some students, passion can be expressed through sports, studies or other extracurricular activities. For others their feelings and passions can only be expressed through artistry, whether it be through sculpting, painting, drawing or photography. Students at Mehlville show their talent for the arts with their art throughout the school.

In addition to the beautiful and talented displays throughout the school, some students had the privilege of being displayed at an art gallery at SIUE over spring break.

Ms. Emily Wehling, one of the newest art teachers here at Mehlville, expressed the pride that she felt for her students during the art gallery. Art students have a greater impact than they know, despite whether or not they feel talented. “[The students] always make me a better teacher and a better artist. I love teaching art because no two days are the same. Every student has something different they can bring to the table.”