Best Games Of 2018


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This list of games is mostly our opinion of what would we considered best/popular games of 2018.


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  1. Ubisoft’s very popular Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise has been out for a very long time, so when Ubisoft announced the release of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege on December 1st, 2015 gamers all around the world were nonetheless excited. This new entry into the Rainbow Six franchise changed the way gamers play multiplayer games. Rainbow Six Siege focuses heavily on cooperation amongst teammates. Teamwork and tactics are really what make this game; taking things slow is important. The new flow of gameplay is what some gamers have been looking for. The strategic aspect of it gives gamers a sense of accomplishment when they outsmart their opponent. Ubisoft listens to their community and makes changes the game needs. Streamer/Youtubers such as Shroud, Macie_Jay, and Pengu are a big help to grow Siege’s popularity and spread “the good word.” Rainbow Six Siege deserves to be on this list because it was one of the bigger releases in 2015 and took the market by storm and still stands strong today with new content that releases every year.


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  1. Spiderman PS4 is a game that is made for all. You set yourself in the shoes of a hero like every kid’s dream and swing into justice. It has set a big impact with Marvel fans with its story mode, DLC of different characters, and smooth graphics/ gameplay. It is the type of game one would play just to relax and have fun when kicking crime’s butt. When not wanting to travel swinging once place to another you can just fast travel with funny quick scenes. It has many different things you can do when you finished the story mode, such as fighting crime or collecting backpacks. When playing you can also change suits depending on what you wanna play as. Each suit would have a different reference to the comics or the past movies/cartoons. It would be worth it to by this game and play.


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  1. Fortnite is a fun game that is easy to learn for everyone. It can be played anywhere on many devices and is very popular with YouTubers and people which is why it’s on the list. It has received the best multiplayer award and ongoing game award which says a lot of the game. It’s free to play which means you don’t even have to spend a cent just to play it you can just download and start. In my opinion, I’m not that fond of the game, but people around the world play mostly nothing but Fornite. When it came out many streamers have played it causing it to be one of the tops streamed games on twitch and is basically every. Their dances have become that everyone knows and created many different viral things. It is worth to play the game with friends and enjoy fighting to be the best.


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  1. God of war is one of the best games of this year winning the Game of the Year award it has set itself at spot 3. It has earned to be here with such detailed graphics and exciting storyline. It received other awards such as best game directions and best action/adventure awards. This game has set its heights from being the best of the best when it comes to it. Although we placed it at the number three spot it has earned the number one spot in the game of the year. The reason we put God of War in third was that of the voice acting. Although the soundtrack was good and the combat was fun, the voice acting wasn’t all that good. It wasn’t that good because of the fact that many of the voicing acting scenes weren’t staged enough to make it sound good enough or into the role of Kratos. Other than that the game was really good and I would consider kind of worth it to get.


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  1. Here it is. The fourth addition into the Call of Duty: Black Ops series. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 had many worries when it was being announced. Call of Duty is most popular for its multiplayer game mode. But previous entries in the series had the same feel, even with some entries having new maneuvering mechanics such as exo suit boosters and double jump. The gameplay just felt the same and somewhat boring. A big concern for Black Ops 4 was the multiplayer, but also the fact that it is the first entry to not have a story mode. Gamers were worried since it wouldn’t have a story they would be stuck with the same old multiplayer. But Treyarch did something no one saw coming before the announcement. They added a battle royale game mode, Blackout. This new game mode is really what makes this game. It was a new take on Call of Duty. And gamers were excited to see where it could go. You can hop into a solo match, a duo, or even with three of your friends in quad matches. It is new and it is great and Treyarch did an amazing job with Blackout. They really gave gamers something interesting to play around with and to keep them playing for hours upon hours. Blackout is the biggest part of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and that is the reason it is on this list. Blackout is definitely the MVP of this new entry.


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  1. The long-awaited sequel to the 2010 Red Dead Redemption is now within grasp. With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on October 26, 2018 gamers have finally got what they had been waiting for. Everyone’s beloved game developers Rockstar Games really outdid themselves with Red Dead Redemption 2. The game is just spectacular. The story of Red Dead Redemption 2 is one to remember. Being a cowboy was every little kid’s dream, and now their dream can come true if they are of age to play this game of course. In this game, you follow Arthur Morgan and his posse of outlaws as they try to start a new life after an incident that happened in a town called Blackwater. It is an exciting journey with great experiences to remember. Not only does the story make the game great, but so does its open world aspect where you could do pretty much anything. You can even go online with friends and make your own gang of outlaws with the new addition of multiplayer. Red Dead Redemption 2 is definitely a game anyone should pick up and play. It is worth the money and it won’t disappoint.