Furry Friends and Your Stress


Photo by Skylar Meis

Pet owners, you may already know that your pets are your companion. They are there for you, they make you smile, laugh, mad, sad, but in all of that they love you and you love them.

 In my opinion animals may bring out your inner kid. Do we really need scientific studies to prove that pets relieve our stress? 

In case you non pet owners need it, i’ll give you a few. Have you ever heard that laughing helps relieve stress? Well according to the Mayo Clinic they say that laughter can reduce the amount of stress that you have. 

 I guarantee that if you have a pet you laugh all the time. Petting them and just looking at pets can relieve you of stress. 

In 2012 there were two studies that were conducted, one consisted of three groups, one had a pet, the other had to just think about pets, and the last group didn’t even have pets involved. 

In this study they asked all the groups to come up with a list of goals, those groups that had pets involved had significantly bigger and more goals than the one that had no pets. 

Not only do our pets make us smile, they help us achieve our goals and give us more confidence. According to HowStuffWorks (science) not only do our furries help, but all other pets do too, even fish. 

They have found that you can look at a fish tank for ten minutes rather than a wall and it will even lower your blood pressure. 

A student, Skylar Meis has a cat in which she talked to me about and said “Pets can tell when you’re in a bad mood, so they are always willing to be there for you through anything and everything.” 

I can relate to this, my own cat was there for me through a lot, wherever I was, he was. 

In all, pets can do many things for your health, especially relieve stress. So you non pet owners get out there and find the perfect pet for you, and if you’re allergic, don’t drown yourself in allergic reactions; meow don’t hurt yourself.