Worthmore Reveals Career Path and Struggles


Emily Worthmore has always been a student who strives for success. Although there were struggles when deciding her future plans, Worthmore has formed her career path.

Nela Suljic (left) and Emily Worthmore serve as producers for the Mehlville Media news team. The two have teamed up on staff for three years. Photo by Hunter Robinson, MSD Communicationsher career path.

She has always wanted to go into politics and journalism. This year, she is doing MyPath and a program Mehlville High School provides called MakeItCount, an early college program. MyPath allows Worthmore to enjoy her love for music, while simultaneously taking five college classes for free through MakeItCount. 

Worthmore has had a few hobbies throughout her life. This includes playing for a rock band called School of Rock and Irish dancing. She hopes to continue her music career through college and perform in more concerts.

A life-changing experience for Worthmore was Missouri Girl’s State, an event modeled after the US government. There, she shared an environment with girls with the same passion for politics as her, creating friendships along the way.

After receiving a full-tuition scholarship and going to Girl’s State, she decided to attend Lindenwood University. At State, Worthmore had even met her future college roommate. At Lindenwood University, she intends to pursue a career in journalism. 

Worthmore shares the mentality that has gotten her to where she is today. 

 “I think it’s easy to want to plan out your entire life, and you really can’t do that because, in the end, there’s a plan.”

Social Studies Teacher Shares About Worthmore

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