Clash Royale: A Basic Breakdown

Clash Royale provides an inexpensive gaming opportunity for teens.

Photo by Play Google

Clash Royale provides an inexpensive gaming opportunity for teens.

Clash Royale is a free to play RTS (Real Time Strategy) mobile game that has grown in popularity with the students at Mehlville. With each match time being roughly 2-4 minutes, it is perfect for short breaks between classes or during lunch. 

The aim of the game is simple: destroy your opponent’s towers while protecting your own, though it gets more complicated the further you get. Each player has a deck of playable cards, each one having its unique stats such as damage, health and elixir. 

Elixir is the resource you use to play cards. Players slowly gain the resource over time, with a cap of ten. With the limitation, you have to wisely play your cards or you will run out, making you have to wait before you can use a card again. During this time, your opponent can play their cards, making your towers vulnerable. 

The cost of each card differs depending on its stats. A high-power one will cost more elixir while a lower power one will cost less. Usually, cards cannot work by themselves. Each card has its own weakness and counter, requiring what is referred to as combos when playing them. A combo can range from a simple few units to block damage, to a devastating push that can be game-ending. Each combo is costly though, so when they fail it will be a major dent in your elixir, making you vulnerable to attack. 

If you win a match, you gain trophies. Trophies determine your arena placement, the higher you are, the more cards you have access to. You can only earn certain cards from certain arenas, for example, the prince in arena 5 or the rocket in arena 6. After you pass the arena, you can still get them from the chests you earn after winning a watch. 

Similar to Clash of Clans, made by the same company SUPERCELL, there are gems you use to buy chests, cards, and other various things. They are not necessary to the game, but it will give an advantage. To buy in bulk they can cost $5-10, but can be earned in-game. You can also unlock special cards if you are playing Clash of Clans under the same SUPERCELL account as Clash Royale.