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It's Your Story, We Just Tell It.

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It's Your Story, We Just Tell It.

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Frank Ocean’s “Blonde” Changed the Music Industry

Photo by Wolfgang Tillmans

One of the most influential R&B pop albums of the past decade was Frank Ocean’s 2016 album titled “Blonde”. The tracklist includes thirteen songs and four interludes. Although this album came out over seven years ago, my review gets better each time I listen.

Frank Ocean started making music in the late 2000’s with the rap group, “Odd Future”. Soon after, he became a solo artist who mixes rap, R&B, and pop. He dropped his first studio album, “Channel Orange,” in 2012. He then dropped “Blonde” four years later. With only having two albums, Ocean surprisingly became very popular. 


Listening to Ocean’s discography made me realize how much his voice had changed, as well as his style. In his first album, his songs told stories about other people in a third person view. When “Blonde” was released, listeners got to hear more of what was going on in Ocean’s own mind, and the album gave more insight into his own feelings. When listening, it feels like Ocean is telling his own story throughout the album rather than others.

After “Blonde” Ocean took a break from music and hasn’t dropped any new albums since. Although everyone wishes he continued his music journey, “Blonde” was the perfect way to end his discography, The best song on the album is track two titled “Ivy.” Not only is this song instrumentally impressive, but Ocean’s lyrics bring the song to another level.

 A verse that stood out the most to me is his lyric, “We ain’t a kid no more, we’ll never be those kids again.” The song is about growing up with someone and the friendship eventually turning into something more. 

The worst song on the album lyrically and also instrumentally is track seventeen titled  “Futura Free.” Even though this song isn’t a bad song, it doesn’t compare to others on the track list.

A song that deserves an honorable mention is track five titled “Solo.” Ocean is infamous for adding an Oregon track over his lyrics, which works really well for this song. “Solo” is about Ocean ending a relationship and having to learn how to live life alone after years of being with someone. 

Overall, I give this album a five star rating. It is nearly perfect lyrically and musically, and has changed the way other soul and pop musicians make music.

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