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Noah Faulkner, a sophomore at MHS, being his friendly self.

Faulkner; Trumpeteer, Employee, Panther

January 30, 2018

As the school day comes to an end, some students here at MHS start another part of their day whether it’s a job or afterschool activities. For these students, this means spending time with friends and ...

India Baldwin expresses her passion for dance at the Center of Visual and Performance Arts

Sophomore Shines on the Dance Floor

January 30, 2018

    “I dance because it makes me feel alive.”     You wouldn’t know it by looking at her. She usually prefers to stay out of the spotlight when she’s at school, but when India Baldw...

Joe Hamlyn, Mathew Dresner, and Edi Mahmatovic Working on 2016-2017 FIRST Robot

Time Is Not on His Side

January 30, 2018

Joe Hamlyn is a senior at Mehlville High School. He is in CAPS, robotics, is on the swim and water polo teams and works. For those who are not aware, CAPS stands for Center for Advanced Professional Studi...

Photo by Kaitlyn Campbell

Hanna Can

January 30, 2018

Junior Hanna Loeffler is a determined, driven individual who finds inspiration wherever she can, and is eager and driven to start her career in the future.       Loeffler is excited for her future ...

Mission Possible

Mission Possible

January 30, 2018

Mehlville is full of students that are in basic activities outside of school, but volunteering is a not so basic activity. Emily Kohnen a junior, is one of many. She may seem like the average Mehlville...

Samantha Drier teaching her History class.

Inside Out

January 26, 2018

Who am I? What do my dreams mean? What is my purpose in life? As the school year rages on, Samantha Drier helps kids figure out those three questions through her psychology classes. Drier is a social stud...

Amanda Langer skating for a competition.

I, Amanda

January 26, 2018

     What began many years ago as a family outing has snowballed into a passion for the sport. Amanda Langer is currently a freshman who has dedicated her time after school to skating.    ...

Photo Courtesy of Mia Hill

Hill Hits Home with Volleyball

January 26, 2018

One word, three syllables. Volleyball.     Mia Hill is a sophomore with a fight for an ace on the volleyball court. From playing Varsity Mehlville to playing club, she has shown her skill in ...

Allyson, Alyssa, and other theatre members celebrating. Photo courtesy of Alyssa Boning.

From the Stage to the Classroom

January 25, 2018

Allyson Butler sits across the table, poised with a humble confidence. She’s happy to talk about theatre and her plans for the future and comfortable enough to toss a joke into the conversation desp...

Dr. Valentino smiles in a MehlvilleToday interview.

Doctor Who?

January 24, 2018

     Three years. Two points. Not the greatest achievement Dr. Tony Valentino has earned, but an achievement nonetheless.      In a very lighthearted and joking manner, which is generally the ...

Wilhite helps a student with his laptop

Mr. Wilhite Does it All

November 17, 2017

Personal Finance: a class based on the financial management of a family unit or of an individual. Last year, James Kwentus retired from his position as the personal finance teacher of 12 years. This year,...

Ms. Raney is always happy to help anyone who comes into the counseling center.

Positivity in the Counseling Center

November 2, 2017

When you enter the counseling center, you will be greeted by Ms. Raney with a positive attitude and a smile. When asked why she chose her job, she expressed her love for working around students and ...

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