Should E-Sports Be Considered a Real Sport

Photo by Joe Buglewicz

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Video games are a very adaptable medium, they can be used to teach, relieve stress or even compete. By definition E-sport is a video game with a strong multiplayer or competition mode that can be used in tournaments where players who are good at the game can compete. E-sports can be a variety of games such as shooter games, team games, fighting games and even racing games. These can be team games, one on one or even free for all. 

According to Google, the definition of sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” So by classification simply calling a video game a sport is wrong, but bringing in the prefix “e” gives the word a new meaning. “E” nowadays as a prefix means electronic so putting this prefix in front of the word sport could mean instead of relying on physical exertion it’s mental and skill-focused.

Simply put, it’s an electronic activity where people are pitted against each other to win, much for the audience’s entertainment. So if you want to get down to logistics video games are not a sport but rather an electronic sport or entertainment.

Current sponsor of the Mehlville E-sports club and librarian Sandra Henthorn shared her opinion on the club.

“No, but with the right sponsor, it could be a sport. The competition is what makes it a sport but we’re not doing that right now so I would not think so.”

She went on to talk more about the seriousness the current players have.

“Well, they’re pretty hardcore gamers but not really wanting to go to competitions yet,” Henthorn said.

In my opinion, E-sports should keep their name. An E-sport is practically its own thing now.