GOODR: Sustainable and Affordable Summer Shades


Photo by Goodr

Goodr’s newest line of sunglasses “Glasses of the Gods.”

     Going hiking? Outdoor lunch with friends? Headed to the beach? No matter where you are, a reliable and stylish pair of sunglasses is the ultimate accessory for any summer outing. 

     While many go-to brands like Oakley or Ray-Ban offer consumers a selection of stylish frames and polarized lenses, they often come with a hefty price tag. 

     The affordable alternative? Goodr sunglasses. 

     Since 2015, Goodr has changed the game for the sunglasses market by offering sustainable, durable, and stylish sunglasses. They are also reasonably priced at $25 or $35 per pair.

     Originally designed for athletic performance, Goodr sunglasses are lightweight, bounce-proof, 100% UVA polarized, and lined with a non-slip coating. Each pair also comes with a drawstring storage bag that doubles as a lens-cleaner. 

     Although the Goodr brand prides itself on durability and affordability, they do not lack when it comes to flair. With seven styles, dozens of colors to choose from, and fun names like Gardening With A Kraken or Fossil Finding Focals, everyone is sure to find the perfect pair for any occasion.

     As far as performance quality goes, the lightweight nature of Goodr sunglasses make them perfect for activities such as hiking, biking, running, or other athletic activities. 

     Goodr also offers a line of blue light blocking glasses, which are perfect for gaming and being on electronic devices. 

     While the overall reviews for the sunglasses are positive, some consumers have found that the lenses scratch easily if not taken care of properly. Others have also noted that some Goodr sunglasses styles are outright tacky due to their use of bright colors and flashy prints. 

     Despite this, Goodr sunglasses are an environmentally-friendly option due to their involvement with the 1% for the Planet, an organization dedicated to helping environment-based nonprofit organizations. Additionally, Goodr prides itself on being 100% Carbon neutral in their production of sunglasses. 

     As far as recommendations go, the Nine Dollar Pour Over or A Ginger’s Soul are perfect for anyone looking to purchase their first-ever pair of Goodr sunglasses. 

     Goodr sunglasses can be bought online at or locally at Fleet Feet (12494 Tesson Ferry Road), the Alpine Shop (440 North Kirkwood Road), and REI (1703 S Brentwood Blvd).