Start Your Day On The Right Foot

Keep your feet warm this winter with the Ugg Neumels


Photo by Highsnobiety

As the seasons begin to transition to winter, staying warm in the cold mornings when arriving at school is essential to begin your day on the right foot.

Around the winter time, you will begin to see all sorts of boots here at MHS. The most popular are currently Uggs, specifically the Ugg Neumel boot. Starting at $140 and coming in more than 12 colors, the Neumel is guaranteed to keep your feet warm while having an appealing look. Being able to tie up the boots makes it convenient for people to adjust how tight or loose they want their boots to be.

As I am approaching my one year anniversary with my Neumels, I’ve noticed that they feel as good as new. The wool inside is high quality, and it retains heat for a long period of time. The suede on the outside eventually needs to be maintained and cleaned in order to keep its original sleek appearance. You can purchase an Ugg Care Kit for $35 that comes with everything you need to keep the Neumels looking clean.

Knowing that the interior is insulated with thick wool, there is no removable insole. Which means that it cannot be replaced whatsoever. There are no half-sizes: make sure to size down if you wear a half-size.

Konstantin Kovacic has owned a pair of black Neumels for two years.

“When I got my boots, I was really excited since I’ve heard that the Neumels are comfortable. They are guaranteed to keep me warm when it becomes really cold outside. I usually wear them when it snows outside and when I am walking my dog Pablo. I like how I can tie them, it makes it more convenient for me. I am looking forward to buying another pair,” said Kovacic.

When it comes to recommending what Ugg boot to go for, go for the Neumels. The price point is lower than other boots on the Ugg website and boot market. The thick wool that surrounds the inside will retain heat while the exterior appearance will complement any outfit that you choose to wear for the day. The Neumels can be bought on the Ugg website,