New Snow Schedule Sweeps District

Mehlville School District puts a new snow schedule in effect.


Photo by zentilia - Fotolia

Edit by: Erik Hoglund

John Erik Hoglund, Editor-in-Chief

 During the 2013-14 school year, a rough winter hit the district with nine snow days and a final school day in June. The new snow schedule could potentially lead to late start days where driving conditions are questionable early in the morning, but will most likely be cleared after the morning rush.

      The new snow schedule insures that if the district decides to institute the schedule on a day where there are risky conditions during the morning rush, all schools will be in session two hours later than usual but still dismiss at the same time. The day will still count as a full day and will not have to be made up later in the year.

     The district saw that there are several winter mornings where the roads are crowded and especially slick early on. Though, plows and salt trucks have the roads safe shortly after the morning rush. In this situation, the new schedule will avoid cancelling a full day of school by issuing a two hour late start.

     “There are occasionally days where the weather has already went through the area and having an additional two hours can be the difference in making the roads and parking lots safe for the students and faculty,” said Deputy Superintendent, Brian Lane.

      Before the snow schedule was put into effect, a district survey of 2,900 people revealed 75 percent were in favor of implementing the schedule.

      “We have discussed the possibility after seeing other local schools use it successfully,” said Lane. “And the additional two hours will also be helpful in allowing our faculty who live outside the district to be able to make it to work.”

      More information regarding the new snow schedule and potential snow days can be found at