Robertson Dreams of Career in Music

Grace Robertson wows the crowd with her singing performance of

Photo by John Erik Hoglund

Grace Robertson wows the crowd with her singing performance of "Fly, Fly Away" by Kerry Butler.

Sami Reitz, reporter

    Grace Robertson, junior, has been singing ever since she can remember. Her first musical performance was when she was seven years old and ever since then she has pursued her dream to be a professional singer and actor. Her dreams don’t end there though.

    “Obviously, I dream of being famous, like any other singer, but I also want to write music that people can actually connect to,” said Grace.

    She has performed countless times in commercials, school talent shows, and at church.      Grace’s twin brother Grant (whose focus leans toward science and academics, rather than music) joked that singing runs in the family.

    “Clearly I’m the better singer so you should be interviewing me about my singing abilities and not my sister,” said Grant.

    Though after all the joking, he did recognize his sister’s gift.

    “I think Grace is very talented, and if she continues to work hard and remains dedicated to achieving her dream then yes, she will be successful,” said Grant.

Though Grant isn’t interested in music their older brother Luke has the same dream and dedication to music as Grace. Currently they are both working on releasing their first album together. As a sneak peak to the album they released Rooftops to listen to it click the following link: Rooftops.