Off Season Workouts


Emma Logan, Features Editor

     Off season workouts are in full swing for fall sports such as girls volleyball, girls softball, and football. Being involved in these workouts can be beneficial to the athletes when their season come around.  

     Varsity softball/baseball coach Tim Ode said, “Off season workouts allow student athletes a chance to condition their bodies prior to the season.”

     The weight room that the athletes use here at Mehlville is free and allow athletes to bond through weight lifting. Bonding during the off season can allow the students to become closer together for a better season.

     According to the Team Bonding website, working together outside of your sport can be beneficial in many ways. These include getting to know each other better, boosting team performances, competition and having team spirit.

     Having these workouts can also help reduce injuries during the season. Making sure that your body is in shape before the season, can be a huge help when it comes to reducing injuries. They can also help you be faster and stronger when playing your sport.

     According to Tim Ode, “studies have shown that conditioning your body prepares it for a long and grueling season, and make you stronger to compete.

     Going to workouts can better you for the season and make sure you’re ready for the tryouts.

Ode also said, “It’s a competition for spots on the team.”

     Freshman Morgan Schmidt has been attending the off season workouts for girls softball. She says that she attends the workouts because they help her stay in shape. She also thinks that it helps the athletes get closer to each other and form bonds that can stay during the season.

     Coaches put in many hours outside of the season to make sure their players are ready for the season. They come up with game plans, and workouts for the practices. During the off season they stay after school multiple days of the week for athletes to come in to condition and build their bodies.

     Taking advantage of these workouts will be helpful when it’s your sports season.