Sabria Bender Makes A Name For Herself


Shawn Kurtz and Sabria Bender perform in “The Glass Menagerie.” Photo by Kirsty Creighton

Bright lights, dressed in costume, and a crowd of dozens of people awaiting a show. For many this is a dream, for Sabria Bender, she’s made it her reality.

Bender has been a part of every Mehlville production since her freshman year. Eleven performances later, Bender has become quite skilled in her position as an actress. Currently a senior, she recently became a Musical and Assistant Director for the fall play, “Peter and the Starcatcher.”

“It has truly changed my life,” said Bender.

Her entire high school career has revolved around acting, singing and theatre as a whole and it doesn’t stop there. Bender plans to become a theatre teacher. With her love of acting and her leadership skills, it’s easy to see why.

Although Bender has been in many productions, one that stays close to her heart is “The Glass Menagerie.” Bender played Laura Wingfield who wears a leg brace and walks with a limp. Out of all the shows Bender has been a part of, she chose this one as her favorite play.

“It taught me how to perform and how to have confidence in myself and my work,” said Bender.

Even though Barrett is new to Mehlville, he has plenty more of positive things to say about Bender. She worked alongside Barrett in the play, “Peter and the Starcatcher.” Bender helped the cast with pitches and harmonies as well as character development and anything else that Barrett needed help with.

Bender is adored by the theatre arts community at Mehlville, and that adoration is a two-way street.

“It is a wonderful community. There are many opportunities to grow as an artist and a person,” said Bender.

Being a part of theatre has shaped Bender into the person and actress she is today. Bender is an admirable performer and constantly working to better her skills. She welcomes students thinking about theatre to absolutely become a part of it and that it holds benefits one can only find when part of a group like this.