The District Moves Towards Personalized Learning

   Many of us have heard the term personalized learning, but what does it actually mean? The district has made an effort to give individual students the ability to customize a learning plan that best fits them.

    According to the website,, personalized learning is the new wave of curriculum, allowing for a step-by-step progressive learning process within a flexible environment.

    To make a change successful, one must start at the beginning and that’s what the district is doing. Mehlville School explains, more elementary school teachers give shorter lessons so that children have the freedom to choose from a variety of projects on their laptops. Then they pick a few that best suits their interest and abilities.   

    Likewise, middle schools standardized the eight period scheduling to allow students to take two electives along with their mandatory core subjects. They also include the option to participate in Project Lead the Way (PLTW) to further skills in robotics, science, or medicine.   

    Our high schools made strides forward, as well, by offering more electives than before in order for students to get a taste of a potential career while in the comfort of their own schools. If they want real job experience or further education outside of the high school setting, students can attend programs through South Tech, MyPath, or STLCAPS.

    While most of my interviews praised these programs senior, Noah DeCuir, was not pleased. He started going to South Tech his junior year for graphic design. He does enjoy the students and learning environment, but he stated the class failed to prepare him for the real world.

    MyPath allows students the chance to work with industry professionals to understand the ins and outs of a chosen career path. Edi Mahmutovic, senior joined MyPath at the start of the school year. He explores different types of engineering meeting with many people in the workforce.

    With time Edi explained, “I’ve really narrowed it down between mechanical and chemical engineering.”

    With the help of MyPath he has since decided to major in mechanical engineering and minor in environmental engineering.

    Nikolai Meister, senior enjoys the STLCAPS program. Joining CAPS his senior year gave him more insight into computer sciences.

    Nik explains, “I decided to take this program because Mehlville was all out of computer science programs for me to take.”

    Many people have a career choice in mind, but they are not sure if it is for them. Try out some of these programs to experience the benefits of personalized learning and find out it that job is right for you.


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