Tips on Writing College Entrance Essays


Photo by Emela Heljic

Counselor Beth Neighbors helps a student with the college process.

Writing college entrance essays is right around the corner for senior students at Mehlville High school. Many colleges (not all) require students to write personal statement essays as part of their application process.

This process begins around the months of October and November. Beth Neighbors, college and career counselor, is a great resource of help when writing these essays. 

Although some students don’t plan for college as an option in the future, they might still need some tips on writing a resume, or some type of writing to help them get the opportunity they want for their future. 

If a student is not planning to attend college, still thinking through how they would answer questions is beneficial. It is always important to think about why you are interested in a specific job/career and/or college and how you would be able to not only benefit from but also positively impact the organization by being an active student/employee,” said Neighbors.



If college is an option for students, they can always look at the application requirements and what type of essays the college might require. Paying attention to these deadlines can be really helpful. By Oct. 31, students should submit their college application and any scholarship opportunities, which could include writing an essay. 



When writing these essays, students should try to think of some unique ideas, because the staff at these different colleges say they read hundreds of essays, and they are looking for unique stories. Students want a goal of standing out. 

Neighbors points out that following directions and the prompt are also important. 

The major tip is making sure you answer the question the college is asking you in their application,” said Neighbors. 


Other Resources: 

There are many different resources at Mehlville, including English teachers and college and career counselor Beth Neighbors. One new staff member who can give essay feedback is Elissa Yost, ELA specialist. Her email is [email protected]