Mehlville Beats Oakville on Friday the 13th


Photo Courtesy of STLToday

At the Mehlville vs. Oakville game, many people stood on their feet and cried out. The game was over, and the score was final; 32 to 25. After Mehlville’s strength and determination, the team had prevailed. Their season came out to be 2-8. As the team cheered for their win, the coaches felt the team played exceptionally well.

“I felt very confident. It’s always very fun to beat Oakville. We beat them at their place last time, so I was very excited to beat them,” said Boyd, coach of Mehlville football.

While during the game, King Waller, had a horrible hit. His helmet flew off of his head and caused a cut under his chin. The coaches wanted to know if King was okay.

I was really worried about him, I thought he was injured. I was glad to see he was okay,” said Heinemann, head coach of Mehlville football.

The Mehlville vs. Oakville game was a sight to see. The Panthers challenged the uncertainty of the day, Friday the 13th and took the game. Seeing that we won caused the bleachers to shake in joy, the score forever sketched in our minds.